Feb 9, 2013

Around 8th grade I started reading fashion magazines voraciously. I wouldn’t read them so much as consume them, I think. I would pull out my favorite pages and glue them into a notebook in whatever grouping made sense to me. 

This blog kind of grew out of wanting to continue to do that, but not really having the time or the patience to cut out pages and glue them now that I’m an adult with a fairly demanding job.

Anyway, I’ve been working my way through a pretty large backlog of magazines that have been stacked in my closet. I pulled about 5 pages of images from the March 2012 issue of Nylon. While I was googling to find out more about Beatrixe (top right image, seems to be defunct), I realized that all of those images were a collaboration between photographer Christopher Starbody and stylist Doria Santofler. I love Santofler’s work and will definitely be heading back to her site for more style inspiration. I love the internet!